the darlings

The Silver Darlings

We are an acappella folk trio from Edinburgh, and have performed our own unique close harmony to audiences throughout Scotland and in Scandinavia. Although Scottish traditional music in its many forms is the lynchpin of our repertoire, we take our inspiration from any source which moves us.

"Spine-tingling, carefully crafted arrangements, intriguing harmonies, voices that breathe together".
Scott Murray


And it's yet Another BIG Night in with the Silver Darlings at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe!  Tickets available now -



We're very excited to report that we have begun recording an album! We're hard at work in the studio and hope to have some songs available for download on iTunes over the next few months. In the meantime we are raising funds to cover the production costs of the CD and so are running a series of fund-raising house concerts. We've had a fantastic time at each of the house concerts. If you fancy hosting one, do get in touch and we can talk you through what's involved. And don't forget to 'Like' (and share) our facebook page to keep in touch with all the Darling news!